Black Friday Shopping
With Comm
Unity In Mind.™

Your Black Friday Frenzy Alternative

B.A.M. (Black And Melanated) Black Friday Market ™ is 3 day holiday shopping event that happens once each year and currently vendor registration is closed. Enter your name and email below to learn more about the our event and our next booth application period. You'll also receive periodic newsletters from the B.A.M. Black Friday team.

Your quality B.A.M. owned business deserves to be supported by the community.
Let's make it happen, together.

Sign up if you are looking to reserve a booth for 2021 or would just like to stay informed.

What People Are Saying

Hammond Burke 

I support B.A.M. [Black Friday Market] because I believe in raising awareness of the importance of recycling dollars within communities so those communities can grow and improve.

Lisa Johnson 

At the end of the day, it's really about what is best for all of us. Supporting Black owned businesses, supports a better economy for all of us.

Lesley Y 

It was such a great event! I bought products from 2 different vendors I never would've known about otherwise, and can't wait to receive them!

Ami R 

It was a pleasure to attend your event. I'm excited to receive my bath products and keep these businesses in mind for future items.  

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