B.A.M. Black Friday Market is a social enterprise and an aspiring B-Corp organization whose mission is to improve the socioeconomic conditions of our communities. With the purpose of building up Black owned businesses and entrepreneurs, B.A.M. Black Friday Market profiles and celebrates the Black owned businesses who are making a positive impact on their communities. Quite simply, we believe in making Black lives better.

We ♥ Diversity

B.A.M. Black Friday Market celebrates cultural diversity and inclusiveness across all races, ethnicities, nationalities, generations, and socioeconomic levels. We're not about exclusion but about cultural enhancement and increasing awareness that leads to improving the quality of life for all.

B.A.M. Black Friday Market got its start when founder Sharee Cammon was attending another holiday market in the Houston area. As she browsed the market, she was alarmed that there were no Black owned businesses. She kept thinking, "It would be so nice if someone could create a place where I could find holiday decor that represented my family." By the time she left the market, she was thinking ,"Why not me?"

B.A.M. Black Friday Market Is About

  • Encouraging our communities as a whole to re-evaluate spending habits
  • Encouraging the launch of more Black owned businesses that focus on consumer goods
  • Happily paying full price for quality Black owned business products
  • Understanding the difference between being Black owned and being Black endorsed
  • Stopping the assumption that Black owned means poor quality
  • Strengthening Black owned enterprises to aide the development of Black communities
  • Shopping at Black owned enterprises all year long
  • Dedication to the economic empowerment of Black communities
  • Regularly recommending quality Black owned businesses to family, friends and collegues
  • The encouragement of Black owned businesses doing business with each other

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